The serie is written for the modern business professional who needs to be able to lead and participate in different kinds of projects and understand and practice different contextual, leadership, technical and communication aspects of project management.

Why the serie?
The serie is tailored to creatively strengthen four key proficiencies of the reader; strategy, leadership, implementation and communication. The reader will develope his personal leadership style and his ability to take ideas and advance them through planning and execution – with the transparency and accountability that successful project management today demands. In line with the demands of modern business environment, emphasis is put on both the technical and human elements of effective management, aligning the objectives of the project leader, team, and organization within the project’s social and environmental context.

What is new and distinctive?
The serie is written for the next generation of project manager. The books have been tought for 5 years in the most popular and successful management education and training program in Iceland. They reflect the integrated nature of this successful program and the integrated nature is designed to meet the needs of those who want to lead well in both their professional and private lives, deploying self-realization to in the leadership of businesses, public bodies, NGOs and society in general. The books are fully aligned to the most recent version of IPMA Competence Baseline (version 4.0), they are practical as handbooks and as an important support document for those aiming to get certified according to the ICB 4.0. Businesses, government agencies and all manner of organizations require people with the vision and skills to conceive and execute their plans.

Why the serie will be of interest to an international readership?

The series is aimed at professionals who seek to gain and employ a better understanding of their own leadership capabilities to become successful practitioners of modern strategic project management. This is an international challenge as modern projects are typically planned and operated in an international context, through the collaboration of people from different countries and with different backgrounds. The international transparent leader is analytically and ethically ready to manage others in a spirit of self-reflection; flexible and taking advantage of criticism and communication. He works in constant, considered awareness of the project’s content, context and consequences upon self, the team, organization, society and the environment. The sequel is based on this reality.